Who We Are

The Save Our Barrios Coalition was founded in San Diego, Califaztlán, in November 2009, by the Brown Berets de Aztlán, Chicano Park Steering Committee, and Unión del Barrio. The primary purpose of the Save Our Barrios Coalition (SOBC) is to work as a collective of organizations and individuals committed to saving our barrios from the process of “Gentrification”.

Essential to this process:
1) is raising the consciousness of our communities to the real goals and meaning of Gentrification;
2) creating the organization and political power within our communities that will enable them to effectively stop the Gentrification process:
3) and develop alternatives where we revitalize and improve our communities to the benefit of the majority.

Furthermore the SOBC is committed to combating all manifestations and forms of racism, oppression, and exploitation of our communities. This calls for the SOBC to actively support democratic and human rights struggles waged by our communities and progressive organizations.

We believe that community consciousness and political power will come thorough the organizing study/education sessions and actions, forums, and the recruitment of community members into the SOBC.

A.R.E. - L.A.

Association of Raza Educators - Los Angeles

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