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Happy Birthday to Six Years of Neglect and Why We Need to Become Organized

            The Save Our Barrios Coalition is hosting the event “Happy Birthday to Six Years of Neglect”. The Save Our Barrios Coalition is a comprised of Save Our Barrios, Brown Berets de Aztlan, Collectivo Zapatista, International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement, Centro Cultural de la Raza, MEChA de SDSU, and the Chicano Park Steering Committee. As a coalition we are hosting this event to raise awareness to this building and the fact that is has been neglected and abandoned for some years now, much the same as many other parts of our neighborhood by the city. We will be having this event just outside the chain link fences surrounding the building, this Saturday the 31st of Aug., 2013. We feel that by bringing the community out we can initiate dialogue in the importance of organizing the neighborhood.

The Save Our Barrios Coalition (SOBC) has focused this effort on this building for a few reasons. Its central location to the neighborhood, and the surrounding areas, its size which will be beneficial in becoming a greater resource to the area, and because historically this was a building that was used to bring services to the neighborhood, but for a few years now has been shuttered and boarded up. We see the potential in a place that has been in its current unused state for far too long. The reason this building has slipped into the current state that it is in is because it was reliant on a system that has little regard for the poor and oppressed peoples of the community it was meant to serve. We see that under our directions as a coalition of completely grassroots based groups we can avoid similar pitfalls that have fallen on it thus far. None of the members of any group in this coalition is being paid to be here, we are all here on our own time and dime, and with that we feel that we are here for the right reasons to begin with. We do not have the objective to make money off of community, but instead we want to help organize the community to create the space that we would all like to see for ourselves with our own resources. A neighborhood that may not be rich in monetary resources individually is still a powerful force united.

We do understand that money is a real issue, and as a coalition we have begun to search for ways to lessen the impact of this problem. We also understand that we cannot expect to have this building rehabilitated immediately, especially after years of neglect. There will be a healing process for this space that will take time to work out, much the same as any entity that has gone through years of abuse, but as with any thing going through a process of rehabilitation it is an easier task accomplished with the help of many rather then a few individuals. If the community comes together united under this common cause of seeing this space opened up for the betterment of the community then we will all be able to take control of this space under our own self determination. Self determination is a key element to this process, as with anything regarding our future, if we let the city, state, non-profit agency decide what is best for us, then we will find ourselves in the same pitfalls that we have been in for too long. We as a community should be the ones to decide what we need, there is no reason outside forces should decide what is best for us. That is why this building is so important in starting that process, because if we are to control our own future as a community then we need to have places under our complete control, if we have no land, then we are subject to the will of the people that control the land.

For all people who are coming out this Saturday the 31st, the SOBC hopes you consider becoming involved in this process in one way or another. We invite you to join us and see if you agree with the direction and points of unity that we have created. We meet monthly to discuss the gentrification of the neighborhood and also to continue our organizational planning of the neighborhood around this issue. We put on a few events through the year to raise awareness to what is happening to the neighborhood and what we think can be done about it through organization. If you do not want to join our particular organization or want to create one in your own area we highly encourage that as well and we would like to work in solidarity with other groups who are doing similar work with similar goals in mind. The SOBC hopes to see you this Sat. and to continue seeing you work either with us or another group in the future as well.

In solidarity with all oppressed people,

-Save Our Barrios Coalition




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